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Memorial Wall in Western Australia

The Memorial in WA will be a replica of the site erected at Lake Apex Park, Gatton, Queensland. “It is a wonderful project, supported by lots of drivers from the area,” says Kathy White, who initiated both establishments. The distance between the memorial sites is supposed to symbolize the distances Australian truck drivers cover. “The site is meant to honor their commitment and the trials they face every day of their driving career.”

Lights on the Hill (LOTH) promotes the trucking industry and supports drivers and their families. “Our goal is to make truckies feel proud of the hard work they commit.”

LOTH is also planning a relay around Australia to promote road safety and awareness and to support organ donation, being accompanied by Australian Country Singer Travis Sinclair.

“We are very excited about the project and hope that the trucking community supports us with donations,” said Kathy. Whilst both the Trucking Memorial and relay are still in the planning process, LOTH announced that the annual truck convoy is scheduled for 26th February 2011, being lead by Mack Bicentennials. “There will be a convivial dinner in the evening, and a live concert featuring Travis Sinclair, Jayne Denham, and the Wolverines,” Kathy White said. “Everybody is invited to join the convoy, promote the industry and support the families who have lost a loved one.”

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