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Mercedes-Benz launches own telematics system

Mercedes-Benz Trucks will launch a ‘smart telematics system’ at tomorrow's Brisbane Truck Show. The new fleet management tool is based on factory-fitted hardware and an Australian-developed software suite.

The resulting data can be accessed via a classic desktop portal or two dedicated apps designed for fleet operators and drivers, respectively.

“The telematics app allows the fleet operator to view a large amount of real time data on each truck, including vehicle location, driving behavior, alerts such as over-speeding, sudden braking instances and geofence breaches, along with other features,” the company revealed today – adding the system is able to alert fleet executives should “extreme vehicle incidents” occur or if movement of the vehicle is detected when the ignition is not on.     

The driver’s app, meanwhile, includes driver ID functionality and access to their own driving data. “It offers…a range of options, including the ability for drivers to conduct a real time pre-inspection on each truck, with an option to upload comments and even photos that are immediately sent to the fleet manager,” Mercedes-Benz explained.

“We are very excited to introduce Mercedes-Benz Telematics to our Australian customers,” Mercedes-Benz Truck and Bus Director, Michael May, said in Brisbane.

“It is an…innovative fleet management product that we believe will deliver a whole raft of benefits for our customers.”

According toMay, the telematics hardware is installed in new generation Mercedes-Benz trucks, but can also be retrofitted to selected earlier models. Its onboard memory can retain three months of data when not in GSM range, has a battery back-up system and a secure encrypted cloud portal.

“We have taken our time to develop a telematics system specifically for our Australian customers that includes all the elements they need to get the most out of their trucks,” summarised Mercedes-Benz Truck and Bus Senior Manager, Andrew Assimo.

“We trialed Mercedes-Benz Telematics during the lengthy evaluation program for the new generation truck range and we are now even more confident that operators will really benefit from this great product.”

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