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Michelin unveils 3D-printed concept tyre

Michelin has unveiled a new, airless concept tyre at a conference in Montreal that combines tyre and wheel in once 3D-printed structure.

The Vision concept is made from organic, bio-sourced materials that are both recyclable and biodegradable, and its tread is “rechargeable” via 3D printing, which allows it to be altered quickly for various seasons or use cases.

In line with the industry’s ongoing connectivity push, it is also equipped with sensors that provide real-time information about its condition.

According to Michelin, the Vision’s ‘alveolar’ structure is inspired by nature, more specifically coral. It's solid in the centre and more forgiving on the outside, reportedly to provide strength and comfort.

“Vision does away with air, relying instead on an interior architecture capable of supporting the vehicle, ensuring the solidity of the wheel and thus guaranteeing both comfort and safety,” the company said. “[It] can neither explode nor blow out.”

Michelin said it used materials derived from wood chips, straw, sugar byproducts, and even orange peels for the construction.

“By offering a mobility solution that combines a unique tyre, services and materials, Michelin is unveiling an innovation that is inspired by nature, is perfectly integrated into the framework of a circular economy an embodies the Group’s vision of the sustainable mobility of the future,” the company summarised.

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