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National action required of supply chains confirms new report

A report released today by Infrastructure Australia (IA) supports a long held view by the Australian Logistics Council (ALC) that a nationally consistent approach to infrastructure is required.

In the report titled Prioritising Reform, IA noted a proposed inquiry into to road user charger reform had yet to commence while efforts to address regulatory uncertainty surrounding new methods of managing supply and demand were fraught.

ALC, Managing Director, Michael Kilgariff, said the report was a timely reminder of the ongoing conversations required for Australia to effectively deliver the infrastructure and national regulation needed to allow Australia to meet its growing freight task.

“In particular, ALC has called for more effective national outcomes around land use planning, corridor protection, heavy vehicle safety, road pricing and access issues,” he said

“Last month, the Commonwealth Government released the Report of the Inquiry into National Freight and Supply Chain Priorities, which set out 54 priority actions to be pursued in the development of the National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy.”

Referring to the report, Kilgariff said governments needed to take a leadership role and take immediate action to secure greater supply chain efficiency and safety. He said that view was supported by today’s IA report.

Kilgariff said the ALC was set to release, Laying the Foundation, the first in a series of discussion papers it was making public that focussed on the development and implementation of the National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy.

“The discussion paper is designed to continue the momentum for reform by identifying nine policy reform actions the Commonwealth Government can pursue immediately to prepare the ground for a more effective implementation of the Strategy once it is released in May 2019.”

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