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NatRoad discusses road safety with Deputy PM

The National Road Transport Association (NatRoad) recently presented its plan to the Deputy Prime Minister for making Australian roads safer.

“The Commonwealth Government is strengthening chain of responsibility (CoR) laws for the road transport industry,” said NatRoad CEO, Warren Clark. “From 1 October, amendments to the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) will impose new obligations along the chain.

NatRoad supports these changes as they extend responsibility for safety to chain parties who can impact on the road freight task and cause drivers to breach fatigue requirements or speed limits.

“However, we think the laws can go further,” said Clark. “The definition of a ‘party of chain of responsibility’ does not currently capture everyone who ‘influences or controls’ the safety of transport activities in the supply chain.

“NatRoad is seeking to have the HVNL encompass all parties in the chain of responsibility who have influence or control.

“We believe the increased awareness, knowledge and vigilance this would create is the most effective way to improve safety. Certainly, it will have a much more positive impact than reintroduction of the failed minimum freight rates.

“NatRoad is committed to make improving safety for drivers and the public. We want practical, not political initiatives. NatRoad will continue to oppose those proposals that will harm the sector, while seeking introduction of policies that will keep road users safe.

“We thank the Deputy Prime Minister for listening to our ideas and look forward to continuing to work with the Commonwealth and state governments to improve road safety,” he said.

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