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NatRoad discusses RSRT with Senator Sterle

Delegates for the National Roads Transport Association (NatRoad) met this week with Senator Sterle, Shadow Assistant Minister for Road Safety.

NatRoad President Allan Thornley and NatRoad CEO Warren Clark discussed with Senator Sterle the abolished Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal, industry payment terms and working together to encourage greater numbers of young people to pursue careers in the road transport industry.

Thornley said it was critical that political parties, no matter their colours, supported the toughening of chain of responsibility laws.

“We can never have another RSRT which was ill conceived. Any future regulation in this space needs careful consideration to achieve bipartisan political and industry support,” he said.

“Senator Sterle was keen that the industry work with him and other members of the Australian Labor Party to change the face of our regulation.”

Sterle said he would always champion the transport industry.

“The RSRT as a model didn’t work. We won’t rush into a new model that doesn’t work,” he said.

“I’m going to bring in safe rates, I’m going to do this and I’m going to do it properly.”

NatRoad confirmed there were several areas they were in agreement with Senator Sterle.

These included making 30 day payments a mandated minimum; the introduction of a trade recognised skill of heavy vehicle driving; establishing a plan to get more young people to join the industry and increasing the industry’s diversity; and setting up a working group to look at any mandated rates scheme before a new system is put in place.

Thornley confirmed NatRoad reached an agreement on enforcement of the law was critical in industry holding regulators to account.

“Parties must know that enforcement up the chain is likely and therefore regulators must allocate enough resources to enforcing the new CoR laws and any new regulation,” he said.

“Truck drivers should be able to report breaches of laws which impact on their safety without adverse consequences.”

“We want to continue to engage with dedicated industry supporters like Senator Sterle.”

(Image: Allan Thornley NatRoad President).

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