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New game allows players to manage virtual transport company

Germany’s Astragon Entertainment and Deck 13 are about to release a new computer game that simulates managing a modern road transport operation.

Called TransRoad: USA, Trucks and Trailers, the management simulation game is about matching the right equipment with the freight task at hand, acting as the virtual CEO of a North American line haul business.

“What would a…logistics company be without the appropriate vehicles? In TransRoad, players will be able to look around 14 truck and trailer shops spread out across the country to provide their drivers with the most suitable vehicles for their many challenging tasks,” the developers explained – adding players have to decide n the right spec to match freight task and trailer type, for example, and calculate whether buying new or used is the right option.

“Different fixed costs, the anticipated maintenance window, fuel efficiency and horsepower of the new truck should also be taken in account when it comes to the purchase decision,” the developers said.

“Buying price and fixed costs also play an important role when it comes to purchasing trailers. Here, the player can choose from seven different trailer types,” they added.

“If he is just starting out in the logistics industry, it will pay off to first invest in dry vans to transport regular cargo such as plastic, mail, furniture, electronics or cotton, as well as in reefers that are useful for anything that needs a controlled temperature like medicine, fruit and vegetables or meat.”

Tippers, livestock trailers, car trailers and tankers are reportedly also available in the game. “The purchase of trucks and trailers is however just one of many important management decisions the player will have to make in TransRoad if he wants to lead his logistics company to success.”

The worldwide release of TransRoad is planned for fall 2017.

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