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New Generation Scania models put safety first

Scania’s Traffic Safety Engineer Fredrich Claezon has been awarded the European Traffic Safety Award Commercial Vehicles for his long-standing work with safety and driver assistance systems.

Lately, Claezon has been involved in developing the world’s first rollover side curtain airbag for trucks. The airbags are designed to deploy and protect those travelling in the cab if the truck rolls over, a unique solution that has never previously been offered in trucks.

The rollover side curtain airbag has been introduced in Scania’s new generation trucks in Europe and will soon be reaching Australian shores, the OEM says.

“The award-winning, world's first rollover side curtain airbag will be included as a standard in the New Truck Generation Scania models in Australia,” says Scania Australia spokesman, Alexander Corne.

“Australia has a very safety-focused road transport industry, and we’re excited to soon reveal when the new feature will be available for the local market.”

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