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New Generation Scania truck trials underway

New Generation Scania prime movers are currently being evaluated on Australian roads, featuring locally sourced equipment.

According to Scania, the seven prime movers being tested include a number of R620 V8s and six-cylinder G500s running as 60-tonne B-doubles, as well as six-cylinder G450s in 45-tonne semi-trailer configurations, with another four vehicles to soon join the trial.

The prime movers are built in an 'Australian specification' and feature locally supplied chromed bullbars.

The New Generation prime movers are running side-by-side comparisons with current generation R and G model trucks in order to minimise the variables affecting the data.

Currently four weeks into the trial, Scania Managing Director, Mikael Jannson, told Prime Mover magazine that the trial is "going very well" and will continue to run for another several months.

The trial prime movers are unmasked and are each named after long-serving Scania employees.

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