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New heavy-duty engine for Hino 500 Series

Improved performance and operational efficiency, along with reduced emissions are hallmarks of the all-new A05 five-litre four-cylinder engine powering the newly launched Hino 500 Series Standard Cab range.

The A05 is a derivative of the larger A09 six-cylinder engine fitted to the 700 Series heavy-duty models in Japan and the heavy-duty 500 Series Wide Cab models in Australia. The A05 has the same dimensions in terms of cylinder bore and crankshaft journal diameters as its ‘big brother,’ the A09.

“A variant of the A09 also powers the Hino Dakar Rally team’s “Little Monster’’ race truck,” said Daniel Petrovski, Hino Australia Manager Product Strategy.
The new A05 engine has three power ratings which are dependent on the model selected – the FC 1124 and FD 1124 models feature the A05-TE engine, which delivers 240hp at 2300rpm and 794Nm of torque at 1,400rpm.

FE 1424 crew models have the A05-TD with 240hp at 2300rpm and 833Nm at 1,400rpm.

“The range-topping FD 1126 and FE 1426 models sport the top performing A05C-TC, which produces peak power of 260hp at 2300rpm and a very healthy torque rating of 882Nm at 1400rpm," said Petrovski.

“The high torque output and low revving nature of this engine are further evidence of its heavy-duty genes,” said Petrovski. “While reducing rpm improves the fuel efficiency it also reduces stress on the engine and ultimately improves reliability and durability,” he said.

“The new A05 engine produces as much torque as the larger J08 engine in the 500 Series Wide Cab models, and has 10 to 20 per cent more torque than the J07 engine in the outgoing Standard Cab vehicles."

Auxiliary braking has also taken a big step forward thanks to a new engine brake.

“Better known as a Jacobs Engine Brake® or Jake brake, the new 500 Series will be the first Japanese medium-duty truck below 15 tonne Gross Vehicle Mass in Australia fitted with a true engine brake,” Petrovski said.

“Combined with a traditional exhaust brake, the downhill descent control is class leading,” he said. 

“The A05 can also be specified with a 343Nm live-drive power take-off (PTO) driven at engine speed. Suitable for all types of applications requiring engine dependant drive, it is sure to make its mark in applications such as mixers and vacuum trucks.”

On the transmission front, the new range comes with either manual, automated manual (AMT) or torque converter automatic.

For drivers who prefer to use a clutch pedal and shift gears themselves, the Hino LX06 and MX06 six-speed manual gearboxes are fitted as standard to the FC and FD models, while the FE is fitted with the new MX07 seven-speed manual, which offers more operational versatility and one more gear than its rivals.

“The LX transmission is proven in the outgoing 500 Series Standard Cab and we have added the new range of MX transmissions to support the increased torque of the A05 engine,” said Petrovski.

FD and FE customers also have the option of an AMT in MX06 and MX07 – six- and seven-speed respectively –   guises.

With these versions a unique rotary dial on the dash is used to select reverse, neutral and drive while a lever on the steering column lets the driver switch between auto and manual mode and manually select gears.

“In addition, a six-speed Allison 2500 Series automatic transmission is available across the range of 500 Series Standard Cabs,” said Petrovski. 

“This means Hino is the only Japanese manufacturer to offer an automatic transmission in all models from the car licence 300 Series through to the 6x4 FM 2632.”

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