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New Stralis at home on Gold Coast

Gold Coast fresh food supplier, Salad Makers, has added a new Stralis ATi 6x2 to its fleet which it has been growing since 2012.

The most recent addition replaces an older model IVECO delivering to a range of supermarkets across the growing area with refrigerated-bodied Stralis trucks.

Transit tasks are completed on short haul runs throughout the night.

The trucks are reportedly often back loaded with palletised produce before returning to base where the procedure can be repeated up to two or three times depending on demand, before finishing at around 9:00am.

Featuring 360hp Cursor 8 engine, the Stralis ATi comes with a 12-speed Eurotronic AMT and Electronically Controlled Air Suspension (ECAS)

“The trucks don’t usually cover high kilometres, but there’s a lot of start and stop conditions, and for this it’s important to have a safe and comfortable vehicle,” said Belinda Adams Salad Makers General Manager.

Adams, whose parents established the company in 1983, manages a production facility, several properties and employs over 30 staff.

Salad Makers uses the dealership at Brisbane IVECO that operates 24 hour call-out service and the parts and service  outlet at Gold Coast IVECO in Arundel.

Each driver is assigned a truck and that they are responsible for cleaning and maintaining it.

“We’ve found that if each driver is allocated his own vehicle, the truck is better cared for and there’s familiarity with the vehicle,” said Adams.

“They keep tabs on when the truck needs to be serviced and if there’s any other preventative maintenance needed,” she said.

“The Stralis models have everything we need in a truck and the drivers really like them. The driver of this latest truck has thanked me so many times for getting him the new one.”

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