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NHVR app links operators to heavy vehicle rego info

Heavy vehicle operators and supply chain parties can now check the registration status of their fleet on a mobile phone app, no matter which state their vehicles are located, according to the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator.

NHVR CEO, Sal Petroccitto, said the free NHVR Registration Checker app enabled drivers and supply chain parties to check that a vehicle is registered before loading or hopping behind the wheel.

“This is the first national rego app specific for heavy vehicles, allowing checks no matter in which state the heavy vehicle is registered,” said Petroccitto.

“Simply check a vehicle’s registration by entering the rego number or by taking a picture of a registration plate before downloading the vehicle’s registration status.

“This is yet another step to provide uniform services across state borders.”

The NHVR Registration Checker app is free to download and use and is compatible with Android and iOS.

Users will also be able to dial the Heavy Vehicle Confidential Reporting Line from within the app.

The app would support the transition to a national registration system, which began earlier this year when rego data from all Australian states, except the Northern Territory was brought into one portal.

The scheme already allows: a new national heavy vehicle plate and nationally consistent plate fee in participating states and territories; more jurisdictions removing heavy vehicle registration labels; and fleet operators across all jurisdictions to set common registration expiry dates. 

“This is the first version of the app to support the data that is now utilised by the NHVR,” said Petroccitto.

“It will allow operators to check registration plate numbers, registration status and expiry, year of manufacture and other vehicle details.

“We’ll continue to work with heavy vehicle operators on additional information they require in future versions,” he said.

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