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NHVR investigates CoR and HVNL breaches

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) has warned executives of duty holders under the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) to be aware of their responsibilities under the national Chain of Responsibility (CoR) laws.

NHVR Statutory Compliance Executive Director, Ray Hassall, said the NHVR was
currently undertaking six investigations of serious offences nationally under the Act, eight months after the new laws started and a further eight cases were being monitored.

“Our investigations are targeted at serious, systemic safety breaches and respond to information gathered through multiple sources, including the NHVR’s Confidential Reporting Line,” said Hassall.

“All our current investigations include consideration of the extent to which an executive has satisfied their individual due diligence obligations, in addition to other roles within the supply chain,” he said.

Those investigations include the following allegations: Directions to disregard work/rest requirements; the absence of a system for managing risks; ineffective driver monitoring systems; and poor load restraint practices.

“It’s important that executives make themselves aware of the personal responsibilities associated with their involvement in the heavy vehicle supply chain, and the serious penalties associated with failing to properly discharge them,” said Hassall.

Executive officers have an obligation to exercise due diligence to ensure their businesses comply with their requirements under the law, according to the NHVR. They have to ensure they understand the hazards and risks associated with their transport activities and ensure they devote sufficient resources to implementing processes to eliminating or minimising those hazards and risks.

The NHVR is also actively monitoring supply chain businesses that are working to improve their safety practices.

The NHVR urges all parties in the supply chain to make use of a variety of tools available for operators through the NHVR’s Safety Management System or the Registered Industry Code of Practice.

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