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NHVR shares heavy vehicles classes chart

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) has released a Classes of Heavy Vehicles chart to assist operators to match common heavy vehicles with the three categories used under the law.

NHVR Access Manager, Roger Garcia, said the new chart illustrated common examples from the three different classes of heavy vehicle defined under the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL).

"While the NHVR and operators use common terms such as B-doubles, low loaders or mobile cranes for Restricted Access Vehicles, they are classified into classes under the HVNL," said Garcia.

"For example, pick and carry cranes commonly fall under the class one heavy vehicle category, and this can be easily determined from our new easy-to-read chart."

The new chart illustrates other common examples from the three different classes of heavy vehicles, such as oversize overmass vehicles, special purpose vehicles, agricultural vehicles and vehicles under the Performance Based Standards scheme (PBS).

A comprehensive description of heavy vehicle classes is provided in section 116 of the HVNL for class one and three heavy vehicles, and section 136 of the HVNL for class two heavy vehicles.

"The chart will also support the NHVR’s National Harmonisation Program which is working with the heavy vehicle industry on four new national notices for B-doubles, road trains, higher mass limits and agricultural vehicles and combinations," said Garcia.

"It will provide industry with a clear understanding of what class their heavy vehicle belongs to when applying for an access permit, or when operating under a notice.

"This chart illustrates some common examples from the three different classes of heavy vehicles and is provided for guidance only."

The NHVR unveiled a chart showing 39 common heavy vehicle combinations, with details about weight limits, length and vehicle classes in July.

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