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NHVR sparks interest in heavy vehicle fire prevention

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) will release a series of industry bulletins following the first heavy vehicle fire roundtable meeting in Brisbane last week.

NHVR Executive Director, Safety Standards and Assurance, Geoff Casey, said the roundtable, which brought together leading forensic fire investigators, fire service officials, police and members of the heavy vehicle industry and supply chain, was focussed on identifying causes and preventative actions following a recent spate of truck fires.

“We have acted to bring together our industry to tackle these issues and to help create a safer road environment,” said Casey.

“What is clear is that prevention is better than cure and there are some measures available to different parts of the heavy vehicle industry that can assist in fire prevention,” he said.

A number of common issues were identified during the roundtable that suggested that most heavy vehicle fires were preventable but required actions by a range of responsible parties.

“Over the coming months the NHVR will work with forensic experts and industry to consider options to raise industry awareness, potentially targeted at specific sectors and addressing known fire causes or contributing factors,” said Casey.

Some of the key issues discussed during the roundtable included: Wheel-end fires (wheel bearings, brakes); wiring, electrical systems and components; engine bay fires – oil and fuel leaks; trailer and load fires.

The NHVR’s confidential reporting line is 1800 931 785.

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