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Nikola backs hydrogen network following electric truck announcement

Hydrogen truck maker, Nikola Motor Company, will debut a battery-powered unit alongside its Class 8 prime mover in April at a three day showcase dubbed Nikola World.

A battery electric vehicle (BEV) option has been added to the hydrogen vehicles of both the Nikola Two and Nikola Tre.

Nikola One, its linehaul truck is not part of the proposed plans at this stage.

The company has insisted it is not shifting its focus away from hydrogen but, rather, exploring battery offerings for shorter-range, non-weight sensitive applications.

On Twitter the company insisted the development had zero implications on it commitment to hydrogen as it reiterated that it was moving ahead with 700 filling stations. 

Australia would be part of the rollout. 

Nikola also confirmed that it had to date $14 billion in non-binding preorders.

“BEV customers don’t compete with hydrogen as they are mainly for inner city and much less range,” Nikola tweeted. “We believe both have their place.”

Nikola confirmed it expects 50 times more sales of hydrogen than electric.

The company was steadfast in its position on hydrogen-equipped models which it said were 5,000 pounds lighter and offered lower operating costs in long haul applications even after factoring hydrogen costs.

Nikola will unveil the trucks in Phoenix on 16-17 April.

(Image: Nikola Two).

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