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Nikola CEO compares truck OEMs to failed photo company

Nikola CEO, Trevor Milton, has reportedly suggested that today’s truck manufacturers could face the same fate as US company Kodak, whose film business collapsed during the advent of digital cameras.

According to US news service,, Milton used the 66th annual meeting of the Quebec Trucking Association as a stage to point out that traditional truck OEMs are at risk of making the same mistake as Kodak.

“[Kodak] was so powerful that it never expected to change anything,” he explained. “Why change something that already works?”

One of Kodak’s main mistakes was that it focused solely on an existing product without considering a changing environment, he said at the event.

"In the event of a war, for example, the litre of diesel could reach five or seven dollars ... You'll never have to pay that kind of money to run the Nikola One."

According to, Milton also compared the truck’s sales strategy – which will be based on monthly payments that include the price of the truck as well as fuel, maintenance, insurance – to Apple’s highly disruptive iTunes concept.

"The other companies took a long time to figure out what was happening, and that's what's going to happen with the trucking industry," he said.

Milton also confirmed the Nikola product would on the road by 2021. “It's not a dream," he was quoted as saying. "The future is here and we're all going to be part of it.”

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