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Noise cameras for Victoria

A new noise camera system is to be placed on the Geelong Ring Road by the Victorian government to monitor trucks in an effort to reduce excessive engine brake noise. The noise detection equipment is a mobile unit and VicRoads will be moving the equipment to other sites in the future to monitor the roads using community feedback to identify specific locations.

Trucks creating excessive noise will trigger a camera on the unit to take a photo and record the noise level of the offending vehicle, the location and the time of the event. If the noise levels proved to be over the permitted limits, the vehicle owner will receive a notice of non-compliance.

“Not all heavy vehicles emit excessive noise, but loud engine brakes are inappropriate in built-up areas and can affect our local communities quality-of-life,” said local MP Michael Crutchfield. “The new noise cameras will allow VicRoads to enforce the National Noise Emission Standards and ultimately reduce noise from engine brakes, which is great news for the people living in and around the area.”

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