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NSW livestock hauler modernises fleet with Fuso trucks

Jakeb Duffy Livestock Transport has added a large Fuso Heavy and small Fuso Canter to its fleet, optimising its service capabilities in the New South Wales region.

The Canter is reportedly used for small yards and short hauls, while the Fuso Heavy is ideal for larger yards and longer trips to Dalby, Lismore and Brisbane.

“The Canter is perfect for doing work locally and the Heavy is just right for the longer runs with more stock on board,” said owner, Jakeb Duffy, adding that he bought his business from his boss years ago and it came with three trucks.

“The old truck was costing me money and I realised it was easier and cheaper to go to this new one and not worry about any of that,” said Duffy.

Part of his decision to go with a Fuso Heavy was that he wanted to deal with Murwillumbah Truck Centre, which was recently named the 2017 Fuso Regional Dealer of the Year, rather than other dealers further afield.

“It is nice dealing with the guys there right in town,” said Duffy. “It is really convenient and they look after you.”

Most Fuso Heavys are sold with airbag suspension, but Duffy was keen to use the familiar six-rod steel rear suspension.

This specification runs the 360hp version of the 12-litre, six cylinder engine and Duffy chose the 13-speed Eaton manual transmission over the optional automated transmission.

The Heavy has enough grunt for the task at hand, which can include hauling up to 18 large cows.

“It’s good to drive, especially on the longer runs, it just sits on a hundred, no problem,” said Duffy, adding that it is a reliable and comfortable truck.

The Heavy is also easy to move around in the yards, according to Hino, which can be tight and tricky.

“It has got a good turning lock on it, which is good because there are some pretty tight yards around here,” said Duffy. “Some of them are pretty rough too, but I haven’t had a problem.”

Duffy said If the yard is small, or the livestock only needs to be moved a short distance, he uses the Canter. It can fit 15 calves or seven full grown cows in the crate, and is powered by a 129kW (175hp) four-cylinder engine, linked up to a five speed manual transmission.

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