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NTC welcomes government office of transport technology

The National Transport Commission (NTC) welcomed the announcement by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development, Michael McCormack, of the new federal Office of Future Transport Technologies.

NTC Acting Chief Executive, Dr Geoff Allan, said the announcement of the new Office showed the importance of emerging transport technologies, including automated vehicles, and their potential to improve safety and productivity in Australia.

“Automated vehicles are one of the biggest changes to transport since the introduction of the car,” said Allan.

“The NTC looks forward to working with the Office of Future Transport Technologies as we continue to build an end-to-end regulatory system for automated vehicles in Australia,” he said.

Allan said that the NTC has been working closely with the federal government, state and territory governments and industry.

“The NTC will continue our work on safety assurance for automated vehicles, changing driver laws, government access to data, and motor accident injury insurance to support the commercial deployment of automated vehicles,” he said.

“The new Office shows that the federal government is committed to implementing future transport technologies successfully and responsibly.

“Providing that coordinating role across government, particularly where it involves non-transport agencies, will be important to help Australia make this transition safely and smoothly.”

The NTC is finalising recommendations on safety assurance for automated vehicles for transport ministers in November 2018. It also has a discussion paper on regulating government access to data generated by C-ITS and automated vehicles open for comment. A discussion paper on motor accident and injury insurance is due to be released in the coming weeks.

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