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NTI launches Chain of Responsibility health check

Transport insurance specialist, NTI, has launched an online Chain of Responsibility Health Check tool.

Newly developed to coincide with legislative reforms that came into effect last week, the self-assessment tool and resources for CoR compliance are said to reflect NTI’s commitment to creating a safer future for Australian industry.

Christopher Hogarty, NTI Chief Customer Officer said the company wanted to provide assurances for the transport and logistics industry and their livelihood.

“Our latest offering is about safety for all Australians from road users to operations managers, load handlers to business owners – everyone in the supply chain,” said Hogarty.

“We’re here to help organisations benchmark themselves within the transport and logistics industry and provide tools and solutions to progress their pathway to compliance,” he said.

On 1 October, changes to CoR laws were introduced through the Heavy Vehicle National Law to all states, Western Australia and Northern Territory, notwithstanding.

NTI Transport & Logistics Risk Engineer Adam Gibson, said online assessments, templates and checklists gave operators a benchmark of their performance and practical steps in which to improve their safety management.

“We took a highly collaborative approach to developing our CoR Health Check to ensure we captured a holistic view of the current industry environment, and where it needs to be as a result of the legislative reforms,” said Gibson.

“In simplest terms, it’s a ‘readiness’ assessment. We’re breaking down what can seem like an overwhelming, complex issue, to help businesses see where their compliance gaps are and how to navigate them,” he said.

“The CoR Health Check is our first resource of this type. We’re continuing to build additional resources to assist specific segments in the transport and logistics industry such as consignors and one to three truck businesses.”

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