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NTI raises truck fire awareness

Truck insurance specialist, National Transport Insurance (NTI), is working with transport operators to raise awareness of the increased risk of truck fires.

NTI CEO, Tony Clark, has said that the NTI is working with the industry to minimise preventable fires with planning and strict maintenance schedules.

“Our latest NTARC [National Truck Accident Research Centre] research report shows non-impact truck fires account for one in 10 large losses, most commonly from electrical failure, engine fires, and tyre or brake fires,” said Clark.

“Unfortunately, a large number of these could have been prevented with better maintenance and inspections.”

“When combined with high temperatures and hot surfaces, deteriorated brakes and bearings, loose wiring and oil leaks can all increase the risk of fire.

“Fires often result in a total loss of the vehicle which can, in turn, increase claims costs and even premiums for policy holders.

“This is on top of the stress caused by having to manage the freight task with one less vehicle on the road.

“NTI encourages all truck owners and operators to spread the word of truck fire risks with their peers and continue making safety the number one priority for themselves and their businesses,” he said.

(Image: National Transport Insurance CEO, Tony Clark.)

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