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NTI urges caution on roads over Easter

All road users including those operating commercial vehicles should exercise caution and consideration during the busy Easter holiday period according to truck insurer National Transport Insurance (NTI).

With additional vehicles on the roads during the school holidays, NTI CEO Tony Clark said it was good opportunity for professional drivers to lead by example so that all road users were mindful of the increased demands the Easter period brought to the retail sector.

The National Truck Accident Research Centre contains, according to NTI, Australia’s largest database of heavy vehicle major accidents.

"We know for a fact that during this time of year, those servicing the wholesale and retail goods industry experience the most misfortune on the roads at this time of year,” said Clark.

“Our aim this year is to encourage all road users – heavy and light vehicles to buck the trend by acknowledging we all play a part in increased retail demands and so it really does pay to exercise patience and consideration on the roads over Easter. Put simply: no trucks, no food, no shopping over Easter,” he said.

The most recent Major Crash Investigation Report suggests many of the incidents occurring at this time of year are avoidable with the most common being rear impacts.

“As a starting point, reducing Easter road incidences can be as simple as not cutting in front of trucks that have a much longer braking distance," said Clark.

"We remind all road users to travel at safe breaking distances, especially in consideration of weather conditions,” he said.

“We see a trend of merging and hit in rear being an issue at this time of year, so let’s work together to do something about it and make the roads a safer place for everyone. They are easy accidents to avoid – just be patient.”

As part of its advisory statement the NTI urges road users to give ample notice before merging in front of trucks; and for drivers to consider the braking distance of their vehicle in relation to its speed, size and road conditions.

"Remember to be patient, indicate and consider vehicles around you when making sudden movements in traffic," the NTI said in a statement.

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