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NVHR extends roller brake testing period

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) and NSW Road and Maritime Services (RMS) have agreed to extend the current roller brake testing transition arrangements in NSW until September 29, 2017.

Roller brake testers measure the force applied by a truck’s brakes as each set of wheels turns on rollers. Government agencies use roller brake testers to enforce vehicle standards and by trucking operators as part of checking and servicing their fleets.

During the NSW transition period, trucks that achieve a brake test result greater than 3kN/t, but less than 4.4kN/t will be issued with an official warning on first time detection.

The current transition period was due to end on June 30, with the Australian Trucking Association (ATA) welcomed the extension, saying it would give the NHVR and the industry more time to finalise the testing procedure.

“The ATA has worked closely with the NHVR on providing input to the procedure, through a team led by the Chair of our Safety Committee, Tim Knowles, and also including technical consultant Bob Woodward, Dan Cleary from Nepean Transport Equipment and ATA senior engineering adviser Chris Loose,” said ATA CEO, Ben Maguire.

“We welcome the NHVR’s change in thinking and are looking forward to working with the regulator and NSW RMS to finalise the new testing procedure over the coming months.”

NHVR Director Safety, Daniel Elkins, said the NHVR’s Technical Working Group recommended a detailed procedure for conducting a roller brake testing.

“We now have a better understanding why some heavy vehicles deliver different results and how that relates to the test procedure being used,” Elkins said.

“We’ve agreed to develop and publish a National Roller Brake Test Procedure in the coming months.”

The issue of roller brake testing underwent an extensive examination by the NHVR’s Technical Working Group members, including the ATA, Commercial Vehicle Industry Association Australia, Truck Industry Council, and other subject matter experts.

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