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Orbit Fitness lifts game with Isuzu trucks

WA-based fitness equipment supplier, Orbit Health & Fitness Solutions, bolsters its delivery capabilities with Isuzu NPR 55-155s with automated manual transmission.

The business operates seven locations and told commercial vehicle manufacturer, Isuzu, that it is one of the few fitness retailers that does its own servicing, delivery, parts and installations out of its own warehouses.

Orbit Fitness Operations Manager, John Price, said he often travels overseas in search of the latest product innovations. In conjunction with local councils and health clubs, Orbit Fitness works to bring new fitness technology to the community. The scale of the business' projects varies, and sometimes work involves a full site relocation of a 24-hour health club—with only several hours available for the team to make this happen.

Orbit Fitness invested in Isuzu NPR 55-155s to ensure reliable transportation.

“The health club closed at 6am, we picked the whole thing up, loaded up the trucks and moved it to the new location all under 24 hours," said Price.

Orbit Fitness vehicle operators, according to Isuzu, often drive for more than five hours just deliver equipment to a customer.

"We chose Isuzu because of its reliability; we’re driving for long distances in such remote locations, and we can’t afford to break down on those journeys," said Price.

"For example, we delivered fitness equipment to the Kalgoorlie regional fire station, which was almost an eight-hour drive.

"So, being able to drive across the whole of WA with faultless reliability and never letting us down is important," he said.

In addition to those five-to-eight-hour trips, Price said Orbit Fitness also services residential addresses.

"Our Isuzu trucks are very, very nimble, helping us easily access those smaller roads." he said. "With such diversity, we need vehicles strong enough to carry the heavy weights but compact enough to get through small back streets."

The Isuzu NPR 55-155 has a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of 5,500kg.

"We like to have our trucks with more power rather than be underpowered," said Price. "And for the payloads we’re dealing with, the bigger engine gives us the power, reliability and comfort—especially in those long drives—to do our job transporting and installing fitness equipment."

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