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Owner-driver purchases Mack Metro-Liner

Auckland-based owner-driver, Jason Donaldson, purchased his own Mack Metro-Liner after using his company’s 2008 model for eight years, delivering concrete to buildings sites.

“With this truck, I can carry 50-100 cubic metres more each week than the smaller trucks, and that means I can cater to the big commercial jobs all over the city,” said Donaldson.

“[Mack] put me straight into a 10x4 Metro-Liner, and that gives me the capacity to deliver up to eight cubic metres at a time,” he said.

“In concrete it’s all about payload, and the 10x4 gives me the maximum allowed. Plus, the more wheels you have on the road the lower the usage charges.”

Donaldson, reportedly, invested in a Mack because of the 2008 model’s reliability, fuel efficiency and comfortable cab.

Donaldson has said that the new Mack Metro-Liner is a “really comfortable truck to drive” – with its 360hp engine and all optional extras included in the cab – considering he generally has to work anywhere from 1am to 6am, with concrete pours that can last 12-14 hours.

“I can unload in three minutes or three hours, depending on how quickly they need it,” said Donaldson.

“I typically do six or seven loads a day, although it can sometimes get up to 10 or 11 if there’s a lot on.

“When I turn up to a building site, everyone stops to look; they’re all in awe of this truck, next to the other trucks it looks like a Rolls-Royce,” he said.

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