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Paint protective film launches in Queensland

A new vehicle protective film, FlexiShield, which can be used to prevent damage to a truck’s paintwork, has made its trade show debut at the 2017 edition of the Brisbane Truck Show.

According to FlexiShield founder, Maddison Lawrence, the new thermoplastic polyurethane film features self-healing properties, enabling minor scratches and marks caused by small rocks, bushes or washing equipment on a vehicle, to disappear after the film is applied.

“I went in search of a product specifically to bring back to the Australian Transport Industry,” she said. “What I found was a product that is strong, reliable and makes truckies lives easier. It makes the task of cleaning a truck so much quicker.

“Bugs guts don’t stick on the actual paint because FlexiShield is a barrier, which means you don’t damage your paint trying to get them off after a long night’s drive. FlexiShield also protects your paint from stone chips.”

Queensland transport provider, K.S Easter Transport, recently applied the FlexiShield to its Volvo FH16 600hp Globetrotter truck.

The FlexiShield is supplied by Slick Azz Protective Coatings. The Sunshine Coast-based company was founded by Lawrence in 2011.

The FlexiShield is currently on display at the TRUCKFEST stand on the Plaza Level of the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

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