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Industry body questions levy

Road Freight NSW (RFNSW) has described the new Biosecurity Levy on cargo as a "re-run" of port surcharges already imposed on truck operators.

RFNSW has joined supply chain stakeholders in calling for further details from the Government on the justification for the new levy, a charge of $10.02 per incoming container and $1 per tonne of non-containerised cargo, which would generate an additional $360 million in revenue

"From our perspective, it's a re-run of the port infrastructure surcharges which have been slapped on truck operators with no consultation, no explanation and certainly no justification. Nothing more than a blatant cash grab," said RFNSW Chief Executive Officer, Simon O'Hara.

"Of the $360 million raised through the Biosecurity Levy, it's estimated that only $76.6 million is actually being spent on biosecurity - that's why it's only fair and reasonable that our industry stakeholders are calling on the Government to explain where the rest of the money will be used.

"Undoubtedly, such a blanket surcharge, like the port infrastructure surcharge imposed on truckies, will simply be added to goods all through the supply chain.

"Everyone in the freight logistics sector will be hit, and hurt, by this new tax.

"Our members, who are already struggling to operate on increasingly tight margins as a result of the port taxes imposed by stevedores, are going to be impacted. And ultimately, so will Australian consumers who will be paying more for their imported goods.

"RFNSW joins the Australian Logistics Council, Australasian Railway Association, Ports Australia and Shipping Australia in raising our concerns about this new import tax and calling on the Government to give us a please explain," he said.

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