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Penske Power Systems releases new Detroit Platinum Plus CK-4 oil

Detroit Platinum Plus 1300 CK-4 oil has been introduced to the local market by Penske Power Systems, the commercial vehicle manufacturer announced today.

It has been approved against the new Detroit oil standard DDC93K222 and exceeds requirements of the American Petroleum Industry (API) CK-4 standard.

Detroit engines were used as part of the intensive evaluation process of the developing the new API CK-4 oil standard.

Detroit engine specialist Jono Wrightson, Penske Power Systems said Platinum Plus 1300 CK-4 was formulated to protect Detroit engines while meeting Detroit’s most recent oil specification.

“The Detroit factory has been heavily involved in the new CK-4 oil spec,” he said.

“From the work supporting the trucking industry came the new Detroit Platinum Plus 1300 CK-4 oil, which we have recently released into the Australian market.”

With manufacturers designing engines to run hotter with less fuel burn while meeting emissions regulations, engine oils are being placed under increasing stress.

According to Wrightson, Platinum Plus 1300 resists shearing to allow for extended oil drains, retains oxidation stability and has strong aeration control to prohibit bubbles forming to threaten engine components like the bearings.

“Overall, we are really happy with the improved performance that the new Detroit Platinum Plus 1300 CK-4 brings, and what’s more, it’s backwards compatible so it can be used on older Detroits such as Series 60 engines too,” he said.

(Image: Jono Wrightson, Penske Power Systems)

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