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Platform container movement across NSW simplified

The movement of platform containers transporting freight to and from New South Wales ports will become easier following an agreement between the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR), NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) and the heavy vehicle industry.

NHVR Project Director, Annette Finch, said the New South Wales Class 3 Platform Container Exemption Notice 2018 would allow an exemption to carry platform containers such as flat rack and open top containers on a public network.

“This Notice will reduce the need for operators to apply for a Class 3 permit to carry multi-modal freight containers,” said Finch.

“It will also assist operators that may normally be required to unload and reload without the container at a container freight station – which can be a complex and costly process.

“Carrying loads on a platform container also provides load restraint and safety advantages that offset the mass and dimension exemptions provided in this Notice,” she said.

RMS Director Freight, Susie Mackay, said RMS and the NHVR have worked together closely to achieve publication of this Notice.

“The New South Wales Class 3 Platform Container Exemption Notice 2018 provides load restraint and travel conditions to improve the safe, productive and sustainable movement of items carried on flat rack and open top containers up to 4.6 metres wide and five metres high,” said Mackay.

Carrying a load on a platform container is a standard method of transporting goods for import and export. Flat rack containers mean freight containers without side walls or a roof, while an open top container means a freight container without a roof.

The mass of a low loader eligible combination must not be more than 77.5 tonnes, if the vehicle is fitted with any axle group with four tyres on each axle, or 100 tonnes if the vehicle is fitted with any axle group with eight tyres on each axle.

The Notice has been developed with the support of Road Freight NSW.

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