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Upgrades made by Viva Energy and Diamond Key International (DKI) to the Omega fuel loading system have brought about innovation at the fuel bay for drivers with the new Close load at Bay functionality.

After more than 12 months of testing and development in collaboration with liquid and gas product specialist Diamond Key International, Close Load at Bay has been rolled out by Viva Energy across its Geelong refinery and 15 fuel terminals throughout Australia.

In its quest to increase the safety and efficiency at its gantries, Viva Energy has made upgrades to the Omega system, which now features a functionality to enable customers to load multiple orders on the same tanker.

First introduced in 2015, the improved fuel loading system can recognise when a fuel compartment has already been loaded.

The new function locks the fuel compartment once it is loaded, disabling the ability to load it again.

Adam Bugeja, Viva Energy National Operations Client Support says the development and refinement of the Close load at Bay function followed a lengthy consultation with customers and Diamond Key International.

“Changes were required at the bay controller to enable the driver to close out an order before loading the next order on the same load,” he says.

“When they finish the whole load they tag out in the driver’s room, unlocking all compartments in the system in readiness for the next time they come back to load.”

Drivers, who provided input as to how the changes fitted with the normal loading process, helped determine the prompts on the bay controller, given the messages they see when they complete the order are crucial to the process.

Previously, the fuel loading system was unable to lock the compartments after they had been filled, a situation not without potential issues for tanker drivers.

The upgrades in technology offer major benefits in safety, given customers previously weren’t allowed to fulfil multiple orders at once due to the risk of selecting a fuel compartment that had already been loaded, leading to a potential overfill, spill or mixing of products within the compartments.

“With the new functionality, when a driver completes the first order they close that out at the bay and the system locks the loaded compartment so drivers cannot select the loaded compartment again,” Adam says.

For customers, the Close load at Bay delivers logistical efficiencies at the gantry in both time and costs.

To complete multiple orders, previously, drivers would need to have the load pre-scheduled. That’s   no longer the case explains Adam.

“Now they can have an individual order number for each customer to make it much easier for them to manage customer orders,” he says.

Now that the process has been simplified, Adam says it’s much faster and more flexible, allowing drivers to utilise their loads a lot more effectively and reduce carrier costs.

“All a customer needs to do is contact their Viva Energy account manager to have an open order set up in the Omega gantry loading system with an allocation of what products they wish to pick up, as well as satisfy the normal terminal specific entry and safety requirements” says Adam.

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