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QLD Govt mandate supports suppliers in Transport contracts

The Queensland Government has announced new enforcements to support state road and transport workers have come into effect this week.

An Ethical Supplier Mandate and Ethical Supplier Threshold would ensure workers on transport and infrastructure projects would, as part of the latest phase in the rollout, benefit from updates to the standards likely to affect as many as 40,500 jobs according to Minister for Transport and Main Roads Mark Bailey.

“Whether it’s training apprentices or paying super, our new guidelines set sturdy standards we expect suppliers to follow when they work on Transport and Infrastructure projects,” he said in a statement.

The Mandate and Threshold are part of a procurement initiative Buy Queensland, through which the Queensland Government is looking to maximise the social, economic and environmental benefits of its spending.

Housing and Public Works Minister Mick de Brenni said the Government had briefed 2,000 Government buyers and suppliers across Queensland about the commencement of the Mandate and Threshold for a mostly positive response.

“People have told us these changes are eliminating ‘cowboys’ from the industry and levelling the playing field for Queensland small business," he said.

According to de Brenni, the Mandate, a demerit system for existing suppliers, showed a commitment to engage with those who delivered genuine, quality, secure ongoing jobs with fair pay and safe working conditions for Queenslanders.

Building construction and maintenance suppliers and subcontractors were the first to come online in August.

The progressive rollout will also apply to Transport Infrastructure and Services from 1 October and be applied across the board in 2020.

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