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Regulator calls for fatigue focus this Easter

Heavy vehicle drivers are being urged to focus on fatigue in the lead-up to this year’s Easter period.

NHVR CEO, Sal Petroccitto, said the NHVR would be rolling out a campaign with messages from real drivers passing on information and solutions to avoid the risks of driving fatigued.

“Fatigue will be a major focus for heavy vehicle operators, particularly in the lead up to a major holiday period, such as Easter,” said Petroccitto.

“The NHVR will use online messages and videos of drivers, such as Rod Hannifey and Bruce Dodds, sharing their personal experiences and advice to encourage other drivers to avoid the risks of driving tired.

“There were 175 fatalities involving heavy vehicles and buses in Australian roads in 2018 and, while it’s encouraging to see that the annual toll is reducing, one death is one too many.

“With additional traffic and freight movements over the coming weeks, it’s important for all heavy vehicle drivers to be able to recognise the signs of fatigue and that they may be impaired by fatigue even when complying with work and rest limits.”

Petroccitto said the NHVR recently invested in a $250,000 study into Fatigue Monitoring Technology to help get potentially life-saving technologies out of the lab and into the cab.

“We are calling on industry to make sure their drivers are fully aware of the signs of fatigue and the absolute necessity to take their breaks,” he said.

Last month, complaints about fatigue were the most common calls to the NHVR’s Heavy Vehicle Confidential Reporting Line.

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