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Renault Kangoo Zero Emissions on sale soon

Renault Australia will begin direct sales of the Kangoo ZE (Zero Emissions) light vehicle in November 2017.

“Bringing the Renault Kangoo ZE to Australia has been a long-held goal for us,” said Renault Australia Senior Model Line Manager – Electric Vehicles, Elena Woods. “We are really excited to offer our customers the opportunity to make a giant step forward in terms of innovative transportation.

“Our success in Europe and the strength of the Renault-Nissan Alliance will serve us well, as we launch a new generation of electric vehicles into the Australian market. The Kangoo ZE has been in demand for some time and we have now secured supplies that will certainly give operators the perfect work vehicle,” she said.

According to Renault Australia, the Kangoo ZE is a pioneering electric van that incorporates a wealth of innovation, designed to better meet customer requirements and environmental targets. To date, more than 25,000 examples have been sold in Europe to a wide range of users, making it the most popular battery-powered van, with 34.5 per cent of Europe’s EV (electric vehicle) commercial market. It has reportedly been the best seller in its segment in the six years since its European launch.

“As the European standard-bearer in the realm of all-electric mobility, Renault is continually improving and refining its electric vehicles to extend operating range and make charging as simple as possible for its customers,” said Renault Senior Vice President and Global Head – Electric Vehicle Business Unit. “The technological innovations built into the Kangoo ZE – a new high energy density battery mated to a new motor, plus a heat pump and a new charger that is twice as powerful as before – have resulted in a driving range gain of more than 50 per cent, along with a faster, simpler charging process.”

According to Renault, the new Kangoo ZE’s driving range is now 270km, as measured on the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC). This is equivalent to 200km in real-world summer-climate driving and compares with 170km under the NEDC achieved with the earlier version.

The extended range is reportedly due to the Kangoo ZE’s new, high-efficiency battery, with a 50 per cent range increase compared to the previous battery. It also comprises a new motor, which, Renault claims, can deliver greater efficiency along with a new on-board charging system that will offer faster recovery.

The Kangoo ZE has a battery that can be fully charged in six hours. A one-hour lunch break will reportedly allow enough time to add a 35km top-up.

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