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Rexx revolutionises mine haulage

Australian resource logistics company, Bis, has launched what it describes as a revolutionary new mine haulage product.

Rexx is said to be a robust haul truck which offers miners a step change in flexibility and efficiency.

Bis has leveraged its position as both an experienced mine haulage operator and original equipment manufacturer – through its subsidiary Powertrans – to design and build Rexx in-house in Perth, Western Australia.

According to Bis, Rexx offers compelling value to miners: It has been built to carry a 160-tonne payload, and travel more than four times further – up to 35km per leg – than conventional dump trucks. Rexx will form part of Bis’ suite of bespoke load and haul solutions, which also includes Dual Powered Road Trains, providing highly competitive, integrated mine haulage solutions for its mining customers.

Speaking at the product launch in Perth, Bis Chief Executive Officer, Brad Rogers, said Rexx was a game changer for mine haulage, incorporating the best features of long-haul road trains and short haul mine trucks.

“Rexx’s robust and simple design leverages our existing knowledge and resources.” said Rogers.

“This has enabled us to keep our manufacturing costs low, delivering savings to customers through our service delivery model.  

“At Bis, we are driven by bringing technology and innovation to our customers to deliver real value. We are very excited about the opportunity that Rexx creates for a whole range of mining operations in Australia and internationally,” he said.

Rexx has been designed to operate on narrower, lower specification roads. The design is claimed to offer a smoother ride and better visibility for operators, as well as dramatically improved tyre management and ease of maintenance. 

Rexx’s greater distance capability eliminates the need for double handling and its associated risks. It can be used for either out of pit, short and long haulage or overburden.

Designed with the highest safety requirements in mind, Rexx is equipped with GPS driver monitoring and fatigue detecting systems, as well as large format windscreen, front and side windows and 360 degree view cameras for greater hazard management.

Flexibility in operation is enhanced by the ability to interchange bins to suit different terrains, commodities and applications, while the Bis axle steering system gives Rexx an outstandingly compact turning circle of just 13.5m.  
Servicing is said to be simplified thanks to easier access due to the engine-mounted cradle design.

With its multi-axle design, Rexx rides on 20 conventional road train tyres that are said to be relatively safer, more durable and less expensive than conventional haul truck tyres.

According to Bis, this allows for a simplified tyre maintenance process and offers redundancy because the vehicle can still operate if a tyre is punctured, unlike conventional dump trucks. 

In other claimed benefits of the multi-axle configuration and reduced overall width compared to conventional haul trucks, Rexx can operate safely on narrower and lower-strength haul roads due to the additional directional stability and lower ground pressure per tyre.  

Long-term durability of the product is expected through the use of 3D modelling and finite element analysis during the design phase.

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