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Road rule change to benefit agriculture sector

A legislation change has simplified the transportation of farming machinery in Victoria, after 18 months of community engagement.

The Tractor and Machinery Association of Australia (TMA) and Victorian Farmers Federation has joined forces with VicRoads to change legislation and lift the burden off Victorian farmers.

Agricultural equipment has steadily increased in size and weight over recent years, and according to many farmers, much of this equipment has not met the Victorian mass and dimension limits.

The new Victorian Class 1 Agricultural Vehicle Exemption Notice legislation will adapt to the increased size of agricultural equipment. The changes will deal specifically with the height, length and width of the equipment and the use of pilot vehicles on the road networks. The changes to these laws should make sure Victorian farmers can be more efficient and productive. 

With Victoria leading the way in heavy vehicle equipment amendments, it is hoped that the legislation will translate to national standards by March this year, assisting farmers across the Australia.

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