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Road Transport gears up for Western Australia bumper harvest

A bumper grain harvest in Western Australia escalated by strong winter rainfall and spiking prices in response to drought affected conditions in the east of the country is expected to place extra pressure on the existing road network in the state.

The $6 billion crop will trigger over 350,000 truck movements with road transporters attending to bulk handling bin sites across agricultural areas over the next three months.

Up to 100,000 road train loads are expected to be hauled to ports aross the state.

According to Andy Jacob, Livestock and Rural Transport Association WA President, the State Government has improved urban arterial roads but more was required in order to improve safety.

“In regional and road development funding projects we would love to see extra safety bays put in with all projects,” he said.

“With heavier and bigger vehicles we need more space to get them off the roads to give drivers a bit of sleep.”

The crop is currently on track to break the previous record of 2016 after a dismal 2017.

Wheat prices are currently fetching $360 a tonne, a nine year high.

Western Australia is now likely to provide 60 per cent of the country’s winter crop.

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