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Road Vehicle Standards Act to impact manufacturers

The Department of Infrastructure Regional Development and Cities (DIRDC) has released the consultation framework it is planning to use for the implementation of the Road Vehicle Standards Act (RVSA).

According to Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia (HVIA), this act will replace the Motor Vehicle Standards Act (MVSA) and will govern the supply to consumers of trucks and trailers to consumers.

This legislation governs the requirements for compliance with Australian Design Rules (ADRs) for new vehicles supplied to market. The changes to the legislation have potentially large implications for the road transport industry, particularly for truck and trailer manufacturers, body builders and component suppliers.

DIRDC is proposing to set up three consultation groups to address a total of 19 areas identified as requiring work. DIRDC has indicated that it will add issues to the list as required.

DIRDC has asked HVIA to nominate a representative for each consultative committee.
The consultation groups and the initial list of issues is as follows:

Type approvals group
• Motor vehicles
• Heavy trailers
• Light trailers
• Second stage of manufacture

Concessional RAV entry group
• Older vehicles
• RAWS vehicles
• Special exemption vehicles
• Concessional trailers
• Personal effects
• Suitable for RAV

RVSA tools group
• Non road use import approvals
• Temporary import approvals
• Test facilities
• Register of approved vehicles
• Specialist and enthusiast vehicles
• Registered automotive workshops
• Model reports
• Authorised vehicle verifiers
• Component type approvals

“Of these issues the type approvals for motor vehicles and heavy trailers, second stage manufacture, model reports and Component type approvals are of the most concern to our industry,” HVIA said in a statement. “However, HVIA is keen to monitor all of the issues outlined to ensure the interests of our members are looked after.”
HVIA will nominate Greg Forbes, its National Manager Policy and Government Relations as the HVIA representative for all three consultation groups.

DIRDC will develop discussion papers for issues or groups of issues and circulate these to the consultation groups, allowing time for HVIA to undertake more detailed consultation with its members.

Before convening meetings of the consultation groups to discuss the issues, DIRDC will consider the feedback and develop a position which will be circulated back to the consultation group.

HVIA has established a working group of its members to facilitate the circulation of the discussion papers from DIRDC and to facilitate discussion of the issues and developing feedback to DIRDC from members.

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