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Rocktrans meets compliance with Teletrac Navman

Transport and distribution company Rocktrans has partnered with Teletrac Navman whose technology it continues to rely on to maintain its safety procedures.

Established in 1975, Rocktrans provides logistics solutions for Coca Cola and subcontracting for the likes of Linfox and Toll Group.

It runs 20 heavy vehicles which the company operates throughout Far north Queensland. Head office is based in the Atherton Tablelands.

As companies look to insure for total compliance across the chain of responsibility, Rocktrans according to its Managing Director Neal Rockley, has improved cost efficiencies and reduced the amount of duplication through use of the Teletrac Navman system.

“I’m always on the lookout for technologies that can offer benefits to the bottom line,” said Rockley.

Some of these include vehicle tracking, maintenance scheduling, data capture for vehicle history, driver fatigue management systems, real-time alerts and reporting tools for compliance and in-vehicle documentation.

Rocktrans had all 20 of its trucks installed with telematics and in-cabin devices inside a month.

According to Rockley improvements through innovation that add value to the business are now crucial.

“We certainly didn’t have the vision that we have now with the Teletrac Navman solution,” he said.

“It’s great for reducing cost and increasing efficiencies in the business especially on administration.”

“We save a lot on duplication while also keeping track of where everyone is,” said Rockley.

In-cabin devices and back-office e system enables Rocktrans to stay in touch with its stakeholders given the challenges of managing daily deliveries, which also includes Brisbane, 19 hours away.

Long gone are the days when Rocktrans relied on two-way radio channels to communicate with drivers who would be required to pull over, delaying the journey.

New technology allows management to know where drivers are during any point of the trip.

Communicating direct through in-cabin devices helps to cut down on incidents of distraction, itself a key factor in reducing accidents.

Improving driver education and implementing the Electronic Work Diary system produced positive results as drivers soon realised the benefits of compliance according to Rockley.

“We actually set up a separate unit to help train the staff in the office, making it a lot more effective and efficient,” he said.

New recruits are inducted through the office in-vehicle device. The training provides real-time alerting, encourages drivers to think about fatigue and identifies poor behaviour quickly.

Rest breaks for drivers, who are alerted ahead of time, are determined by working hours and applicable fatigue laws. The information is automatically sent back to the office so management are updated with compliance.

Rocktrans has since seen a substantial reduction in poor driver behaviour.

“The fatigue management system has been one of the biggest benefits to our business,” said Rockley.

“Systems like Teletrac Navman’s are essential in today’s highly regulated safety and compliance related environment.”

“One of the biggest savings we’ve seen is from time-sheeting the driver hours and the alert system. It saves them from poor behaviours that can be identified quickly.

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