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Safety charity tackles driver distraction

International road safety charity, Brake, is calling on fleet operators to crack down on driver distraction, due to the results of its annual Fleet Safety Survey.

According to Brake, more than a third of its survey respondents say they do not monitor distraction, and three in ten organisations admit they do not have any policies in place aimed at preventing distraction.

More than 350 fleet operators completed the survey with responses coming from fleets based in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, mainland Europe, Asia and North America.

“Driving requires the full attention of the driver," said Caroline Perry, Brake’s NZ Director.

"Distraction at the wheel can have devastating consequences and is a factor in a significant number of crashes. Our survey shows many fleet managers are still not doing enough to prevent driver distraction.

"While many are aware of the risks, this needs to be better reflected in company policy, as well as through the introduction of best practice initiatives, evidence-based interventions, effective driver education and data monitoring.

"Managers can use this survey report to identify where their own distraction policies and procedures fit, and follow best practice advice to make improvements if necessary.”

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