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Scania debuts XT range at IMARC 2018

The new XT mining and construction range has been unveiled by Scania Australia today at the International Mining and Resources Conference 2018 in Melbourne.

Part of the commercial vehicle manufacturer’s New Truck Generation, the Scania XT offers a range of solutions for sundry applications available in three cab sizes, the G-series, P-series and R-series day cab versions.

With modular Euro 5 or Euro 6 SCR emission engines, the XT also features Opticruise automated gear-changing and a clutch-on-demand feature.

Side curtain rollover airbags come as standard. Among its more noticeable features the XT range is equipped with a steel front bumper 150mm forward of the cab body, headlamp protection grilles, slip-proof steps, a towing bolt rated at 40 tonnes for recovering vehicles and machinery and all-steel parabolic leaf spring suspension.

As part of the Scania Fleet Management Systems, the Scania Driver Support system offers continuous driver feedback on driving style, safety and fuel efficiency.

The system is designed to work in conjunction with the Scania Driver Training Programme as it utilises its one-to-one application-based driver coaching to reportedly reduce vehicle duress, fuel consumption and enhances road safety and comfort.

Mikael Jansson, Scania Australia Managing Director said the Scania XT has been designed to adapt to the toughest of conditions with the view of saving customers additional uptime.

“The Scania XT is perfectly set-up for a range of construction and mining applications on sealed and unsealed surfaces,” he said.

“Trucks like these often cover significant distances each year on regular roads in the course of delivery and back-loading, so efficient fuel use is of great importance to the operator.”

“Of course, the Scania XT features all the pertinent safety features and equipment needed to provide the greatest level of safety and safe operation to protect drivers from harm, unnecessary downtime and inconvenience,” said Jannson.

Increasing demands for sustainable and cost-effective production were now chief considerations for the construction industry according to Janssen.

“With a powerful line-up ready for the toughest mining and construction tasks, Scania is well prepared to meet the highly diverse transport assignments within these sectors,” he said.

“We have the right products, the right services, and the right skills to help Australian mining and construction operators specify the perfect vehicle for their needs, securing maximum uptime and enhanced total operating economy, protecting their profitability, and therefore enhancing their long-term business stability.”

In addition to the configuration of steel and air suspension combinations now in common use with front parabolic suspension and rear air suspension, Scania has introduced 2x33 for 9-tonne front axles, steel parabolic suspension with 33 mm leaves limited for use on sealed roads.

With two air filters, the heavy-duty Scania XT has been tested to handle up to 40 kilos of dust before it requires a service, a major increase on the operating time associated with earlier solutions.

An electrically controlled tag axle now removes the necessity to run with bulky and exposed hydraulic pipes along the chassis rails.

Rear shock absorber towers and double front axles no longer protrude over the frame Scania Australia announced.

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