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Scania invests in electric technology

Scania has announced a multi-million dollar investment in a new partnership to develop and commercialise battery cell technology for heavy commercial vehicles.

Scania is investing €10 million in a partnership with Northvolt to jointly develop and commercialise battery cell technology, which will enhance further development and support the establishment of Northvolt’s demonstration line and research facility.

“We aim to make it easy for customers to select sustainable transport solutions,” said Henrik Henriksson, Scania’s President and CEO.

"Electrification will play a key part in the shift to a fossil free transport system. However, the current battery cell technology must be developed to fulfil the business requirements of heavy bus and truck customers. With Northvolt as a partner, we believe that we can make major strides forward."

The two companies will establish an expert team and work together at Northvolt’s research facility, Northvolt Labs, in Västerås, Sweden, to develop and commercialise production of battery cells optimised to power commercial vehicles. The companies have also entered into an off-take purchase agreement for battery cells.

“With Scania’s product and business expertise combined with our cutting-edge manufacturing process, we are convinced that we can produce cost efficient and green battery cells of the highest quality for the heavy commercial vehicle market,” said Peter Carlsson, Co-Founder and CEO of Northvolt.

This partnership is reportedly one of several strategic initiatives in Scania’s ambition to drive the shift toward a sustainable transport system.

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