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Scania launches new truck generation in Australia

Scania's much-anticipated new models were unveiled to the road transport industry in Sydney's Darling Harbour on Wednesday night.

Representing the equivalent of $3 billion in research and development, the new range is more than a collection of new cabs, as almost every element of the entire mechanical underpinnings has been examined and improved to deliver a more driver-centric, safer and fuel-efficient truck.

Half a million kilometres of testing with local fleets in the months leading up to this week's launch concentrated on the trucks' abilities to handle the uniquely Australian conditions of climate, distance, heavy loads, and even dust.

Advances in Scania's aerodynamic design have resulted in an improvement in fuel efficiency of two per cent, and an additional three per cent has been achieved through technical improvements in the drivelines. Scania officials were adamant that the combined five per cent reduction in fuel consumption rates should be expected only as the minimum, and in some instances the local pre-production models have delivered significantly better results.

Australia is the first market in the Southern Hemisphere to have the Scania Next Generation Truck launched, and the first deliveries of production models are expected from July this year.

A new seven-litre six-cylinder engine in 220hp, 250hp and 280hp will be available in the Scania P-Range, and the five- and six-cylinder larger engines have all been subjected to significant development. The V8 engines also feature improvements to deliver better fuel and maintenance savings, and will be available in 520hp and 620hp in Euro-5 configuration and 520hp, 580hp, 650hp, and the top output 730hp in Euro-6 emission ratings.

Scania continues to be at the forefront of utilising the benefits of electronic connectivity, with more than 310,000 trucks worldwide (including 3,000 already in Australia) connected, to maximise efficiencies.

"We believe safe and smart transport can be a 'game changer' for sustainability in the transport sector," said Mikael Jansson, Managing Director of Scania Australia. "Our brand vision, as expressed by the elements of the Next Generation Scania launch, not only sets us apart from our rivals but also shows our long-term commitment and vision for the transport industry."

Image credit: Peter Shields

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