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Scania on track for record year in Australia

Commercial vehicle operator, Scania Australia, has announced it is poised to surpass its sales record for commercial vehicles. 

Figures by October's end confirmed the company had accrued 952 truck deliveries

A benchmark of 1004 truck deliveries set in 2017 is now well within reach.

For October the company sold 92 commercial vehicles.

"From a truck perspective, this is excellent news for operators who are keen to drive down their operating costs, and great news for drivers given the safety equipment fitted as standard to all NTGs," said a local Scania spokesman.

"The arrival of our first Hybrid bus has the potential to reduce by more than 25 per cent the amount of fuel consumed and emissions released into the air."

Globally order bookings for Scania trucks fell by 8 per cent for the first nine months of 2019 compared to the year-earlier period.

Demand for trucks in Europe has slowed in line with growing market uncertainty.

In Latin America the commercial vehicle manufacturer said demand was still recovering at a sluggish pace.

Uncertainty related to global trade has been blamed for the negative impact on order bookings in Asia and Eurasia.

“Higher vehicle and service volume contributed positively, as did currency effects and a favourable market mix," said by Henrik Henriksson, Scania President and CEO.

"The company is performing strongly and the cost situation in production related to running double truck ranges has steadily improved in each quarter," he said.

"The measures put in place to reduce the higher long-term product cost level related to the new truck generation are continuing."

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