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Scania pushes decarbonisation of heavy transport

Scania, Siemens, E.ON and H&M Group have formed a coalition to accelerate the decarbonisation of heavy transport to meet the Paris climate target it was announced last week at the Sustainable Transport Forum.

In recognition of The Pathways Study, Achieving fossil-free commercial transport by 2050, the possibility of reaching the proposed target can be reached providing key bodies influence industry and the political arena to initiate immediate changes that can impact public opinion.

The aim of the coalition is to establish an optimal environment for mutually beneficial change in the road transport sector whereby a systems approach will be required across vehicle manufacturing, retail, infrastructure, energy solutions and supply.

Scania said in a statement the coalition of companies will continue to build knowledge, and identify high impact innovation and partnerships within their operations and respective ecosystems.

“The past years have shown that the shift to sustainable commercial transport is gathering pace and the market is responding,” said Henrik Henriksson Scania President and CEO in a statement.

“No one can do this alone, but through cooperation we can succeed," he said.

"That is why the foundation that we are laying with this coalition of the willing is a very important step that demonstrates how we will be driving change.”

(Image: Henrik Henriksson Scania Group President and CEO.)

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