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Scania reveals new L-Series

Swedish truck manufacturer, Scania, has revealed the 'L-series', an entire new rigid design that will complete the line up of its New Generation of trucks.

According to Scania, the L-Series is an entirely new low-entry cab specially developed for urban environments, such as last mile, waste and construction applications.

“The L-series can be said to be the crowning glory of our urban offering,” said Henrik Eng, Product Director, Urban, Scania Trucks.

“The L-series has precisely the characteristics required for distribution and applications that, more often than you might realise, operate mainly in an urban environment, with heavy traffic where many different road users have to share space.”

The L-series cabs are 2m in length and are available with three different roof heights, and kneeling is available as an option. With automatically-activated kneeling, it takes one step to enter the cab, or two steps without.

The L-series is powered by Scania’s updated nine-litre engine, which is available in three different power levels for diesel.

During 2018, Scania will also add its OC09 gas engine in two power levels, for both CNG and LNG, to the engine range for the L-series.

Scania has also introduced a 'City Safe Window' option in all versions of P and L cabs, which is a low-placed window in the passenger door that enhances the driver’s ability to detect vulnerable road users.

Now, the launch of Scania’s new truck generation is almost complete in Europe, and will be available in Australia throughout 2018.

“Replacing and upgrading Scania’s entire global offering has been a fantastic experience,” said Alexander Vlaskamp, Senior Vice President, Scania Trucks.

“It’s a real pleasure to be able to introduce the world’s most modern and sustainable transport solutions, and there is an incredible amount of work behind it all to ensure that everything is in place and on time.”

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