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Scania reveals Uptime Guarantee

Scania has extended its service Fleet Care with an Uptime Guarantee to ensure timely maintenance and repairs.

Operators can select timeframes for guaranteed uptime to work around their schedules, and Scania will ensure that maintenance and repairs are carried out around that window.

The service is specifically developed for uptime-sensitive operations with strict time slots and high daily utilisation of vehicles including fuel transport and metro deliveries.

“We are giving customers a wide choice in selecting the hours that really matter for them, namely those generating profit,” says Claes Åkerlund, Head of Scania Service Concepts.

“The service can be precisely tailored to their business and when their operational needs are greatest.”

Scania Australia is currently investigating the Guarantee for Australian customers.

“We are currently evaluating the specifics of this programme and investigating the potential for it to add value to our customers in Australia," said Scania Australia.

"We already offer a successful programme called MAX24 to support customer uptime. As with programmes of this type, each customer’s operating expectations and environment will play a key role in determining their suitability to be part of the programme.”

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