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Scania sets new benchmark for deliveries in 2019

In its first full year of availability, the Scania New Truck Generation has set a new benchmark for deliveries in 2019, the commercial vehicle manufacturer has announced.

Sales accelerated past previous benchmarks according to Scania Australia who confirmed it had placed a total of 1149 heavy duty trucks with customers during the year.

Carry-over orders already indicate robust sales will continue into 2020.

As the only truck to provide dual side curtain rollover airbags as standard across the range, Scania NTG is offering four side curtain rollover airbags on its new CrewCab four-door model used in fire-fighting services for metropolitan and country applications.

Scania Australia Director of Truck Sales Dean Dal Santo said Australian fleet and retail customers are shopping with safety and environmental credentials at the top of their priority list

“With the much-discussed shortage of drivers, operators understand that quite aside from the continuous requirement for improvements in vehicle efficiency and reduction in operating costs, in order to attract and retain the best derivers, a safe, comfortable, quiet and spacious working environment must be provided," he said.

“We are seeing a significant shift in buying priorities across the country as operators and drivers seek safety and comfort in greater numbers than ever before,” said Dal Santo.

“With the earliest NTG trucks having been on the road for 18 months, we have seen proof that the new technology has delivered the promised improvements in fuel economy and reductions in operating costs. These savings have driven the increased demand for the Scania product,” he said.

More Scania trucks delivered in 2019 were Euro 6 compliant than ever before as operators looked for improved efficiency and to reduce emissions.

“We have effectively switched to a Euro 6 default setting across all of our urban-focused offerings,” said Dal Santo.

“This means Scania is driving the shift to a more sustainable transport solution, where emissions from our vehicles are as clean as is possible using internal combustion technology," he said.

Scania is already very advanced in its plans to deliver diesel-electric hybrid trucks globally and is working towards fully electrified chassis in the near future.

“At present, European cities are at the forefront of the drive to reduce emissions from heavy vehicles and Scania is working in concert with them to provide a future proof solution for its customers. That means that when Australia follows this direction, Scania will be ready with a proven range of solutions,” said Dal Santo.

During 2019, Scania NTG V8 supply returned to normal, including availability of the new generation Euro 6 compliant 650 hp version.

Supplies of the XT extra-tough construction industry-oriented specification across P, G and R-series cabs flowed freely into Australia, with the first all-wheel drive configuration, and all-new CrewCabs also arriving.

Also launched in 2019 was the new 7.0-litre engine in three horsepower outputs destined for the P-series urban and regional rigid delivery market, giving Scania access to the upper end of the medium duty market for the first time.

“The Scania product offering has successfully met the market expectation and demand has increased. As we expand our product portfolio across more segments as well as increase availability of alternative and renewable fuelled vehicles, Scania will continue to drive the shift towards a sustainable transport system in Australia,” Dal Santo said.

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