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Scott Morrison understands trucking: ATA

Australia’s new Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, understands the trucking industry and its need for regulatory and tax reform, the Chair of the Australian Trucking Association, Geoff Crouch, said today.

“With a group of trucking industry leaders, I caught up with Scott Morrison just last week,” said Crouch.

“Prime Minister Morrison understands the trucking industry and its vital role in the Australian economy. On behalf of the ATA, I want to congratulate Mr Morrison on his election. He’ll be a great prime minister.

“We discussed a host of issues including the drought, the need for regulatory and tax reform, truck charges and small business payment terms.

“The need for truck permit approvals is blocking growth and investment in the Australian economy.

“It’s even making it harder for Australia to respond to the drought, because the rules for transporting hay are different in each state.

“The national truck laws have failed to deliver regulatory reform and the consistency we need. Mr Morrison has heard our argument that we need an independent review of the laws, with a strong focus on bringing route permit approvals into the 21st century.

“The Government is looking at setting up an independent price regulator for truck road user and registration charges. When we met, we told Mr Morrison that the independent regulator must also have power over toll road and landside port charges. Local councils should not be able to impose their own charges.

“The trucking industry consists overwhelmingly of small businesses. All too often, they end up as financiers for large companies because of one sided payment terms, but without the sharp suits and trailing commissions. Small trucking businesses should be paid within 30 days; we said the Government needs to act," he said. “The ATA and our members look forward to working with Mr Morrison and his team."

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