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SCT Logistics trials asset use through Telstra monitoring

Australian road and rail freight provider, SCT Logistics, has undergone successful evaluations of new monitoring technology for marked results.

Looking to stem an estimated $4 million cost of losses each year, the company, one of the country's 'big five' logistics operators managed to quell its loss rate of 3 per cent on average annually to zero following an intensive three month trial according to Telstra.

The telecommunications provider is connecting its automated mapping solution Track and Monitor to commercial road transport fleets.

At present it provides services through the high-tech devices to waste trucks, white goods, buses, traffic cones, solar panels and even humidity sensors.

Using Telstra's Track and Monitor to get better usage and utilisation rates out of its assets, SCT Logistics is limiting the time trucks and trailers are sitting idle in the warehouses and shipping yards of its customers.

Following the evaluation period, SCT Logistics is now rolling out Track and Monitor across its 1500 non-powered assets like trailers and rail wagons, and integrating that data with its own systems.

Despite the scale of this full roll-out, the initial cost is expected to be offset within three years through the efficiencies and constant visibility that Telstra's Internet of Things (IoT) network currently makes possible. 

"When businesses use IoT to solve traditional problems in new ways, we’re seeing some incredible success stories emerge," said Telstra in a statement.

Data capture is providing insights previously thought unattainable. 

Telstra whose IoT revenue has grown by nearly 20 per cent in FY19, has invested in building the largest IOT network in the country.

There are over 3.2 million devices now connected to Telstra's IoT network and an average of 2000 more being added every day according to the company.

In a recent survey conducted by Telstra over 70 per cent of businesses indicated that IoT would increase their employees' productivity.

Telstra planned to launch more devices from its Track and Monitor range for enterprise-scale use in Q4.

These would include new asset tracking units with both LTE-M IoT and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for geolocation.

This new unit will combine the strength of LTE-M for detailed critical tracking needs and the low power benefits of Bluetooth tracking in one device.

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